Sunday, November 30, 2014

Style Steals


If you don't follow Song of Style, you can't call yourself a fashion blogger. It is that simple. I have been following Aimee Song for four years now or so, watching her blog and popularity grow. She has become a fashion icon for many of us style girls and I love getting inspiration from her looks.

Hola chicas,
¿Han escuchado de Aimee Song, la bloggera de Song of Style ? Yo he estado siguendo su blog por unos cuatro años ya, y es impresionante como se ha convertido en un icono de moda a través de su blog.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Solids & Stripes

Hola Chicas,
How have you been? I promise I haven't forgotten about keeping you all updated, but I am a student before a blogger and sometimes I have to put my books first. Clearly that is what has been happening because I haven't posted in over a month, oops!

Hola Chicas,
¿Como están? ¡Les prometo  que no las habia olivadado! A veces por ser estudiante, tengo que pasar  todo mi tiempo estudiando. Obviamente este es el caso ahora, porque no he escrito en un mes. ¡Oops!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Color Blocking

Hey Ladies,
Happy October, and birthday to all the Libras out there! I personally love fall (remember?), but here in LA, summer is taking its sweet time to move over. Starbucks has started selling Pumpkin Spice Lattes but us LA girls are still drinking hibiscus iced tea. To be perfectly honest, that's just fine with me! I am enjoying the heat.

Hola Chicas, 
Feliz octubre y feliz cumpleaños a todos libras! Personalmente, amo la temporada de otoño (te acuerdas?), pero aquí en Los Angeles, el otoño todavía no ha llegado. Ya en Starbucks se puede conseguir lattes de calabaza con especias, pero las chicas en LA siguen tomando té frio de jamaíca. En realidad, no me molesta en lo absoluto yo sigo aprevechando el calor!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Summer Glow Reviewed

As my regular readers, friends and family know, I am a makeup devotee. Not because I don't love my natural complexion (I do!), but I think makeup is so much fun, and I always feel more prepared for my day when I am put together.

This summer I wrote a "Summer Glow" post highlighting my summer makeup routine and favorite products at the time, check it out here.  In this post I highlighted my go-to products to achieve a perfect glow, and highlighted a few products I was dying to try. Now that a few months have passed, I have finally gotten around to trying those products (and a few extras) and thought I would review them for you.

Makeup Review

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Accessories Remixed

 Soundtrack: Bebel Gilberto - Samba de Bêncão

Clothes are fun, but in my opinion, it's really in the way you style them that is important. In my mind that means accessories. Accessories always bring a basic look together creating an individualized outfit. I love jewelry, shoes, and bags and I think that you don't need a lot of clothes to look fabulous daily, you just need to know how to spice them up with some fun bling. 

Vestirse es divertido, pero en mi opinión lo mas importante es crear su propio estilo. Para mi, eso significa el uso creativo de joyas, bolsas, y zapatos! No es necesario tener un montón de ropa para estar de moda todo los dias, pero se tiene que saber combinar lo que se tiene! 

Last week, I wore a cute pink dress for the first week of school (here), and accessorized it with a fun Mexican-inspired vintage belt and my go to Dolce Vita Sandals (remember?)! This week I remixed those accessories with my fun Hi-Low skirt from Papaya, and simple A&F crop-top to create a completely different look. What do you guys think?

La semana pasada, usé un vestido rosado para mi primer día de clases (aquí), y lo combiné con un cinturón "vintage" y mis sandalias de Dolce Vita (¿se acuerda?)! Esta semana decidí usar los mismos accesorios (el cinturón y zapatos), con una falda "Hi-Low" de Papaya, y mi camisa simple de A&F. Este "look" es totalmente diferente aunque estoy ultilizando algunas de las mismas piezas. ¿Qué les parece?

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Back to School- Regreso a Clases

Although last week was NY fashion week, it was also back to school for us college students. Getting back into the grind of school is always a struggle, but this year, with graduation in May,  I am all the more motivated to finish strong and get my degree. I can't wait to move on to the next stage of life.

Luckily for me, school is in beautiful Southern California, and the weather is gorgeous as usual. Although fall season is starting in the fashion world, I am taking advantage of the sun to get a few more cute summer looks in, before I pull out my booties and tights!

Aunque la semana pasada fue "Fashion Week" en Nueva York, para mi fue la primera semana de clases en la universidad. Siempre es difícil volver a la escuela después del verano, pero como me graduo en mayo, estoy motivada a trabajar duro. 

Gracias a Dios, mi universidad se encuentra en el sur de California, y aquí el clima siempre está perfecto! Estoy aprovechando del calor y estrenando algunos "looks" de verano antes de sacar mis botines y medias para el otoño.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Let's Catch Up!

Hello All,
How have you been? As you might have noticed I have been pretty absent from the blogsphere recently and have missed it quite a bit. I just moved back to school yesterday, after summer break and thought it was a perfect time to catch up with my fellow bloggers.

As you all might remember, this summer I had a few goals. I was doing fitness challenges, hanging out with my family, and focusing on fashion to get a taste of fashion school. I had the best summer ever and really enjoyed myself. Although I ended up taking a break from blogging and the Internet in general, I actually really enjoyed having a little technology break and kicking back to read some good books for a change. R&R was definitely what the doctor ordered.
I though since it has been a while. I would share a few insta-highlights of my summer!

You guys might remember from my Summer Glow post, how excited I was to try Bare Minerals First Resort. Well I did and I love it!