Thursday, September 10, 2015

Naturally Naked

Up until a few months ago, if someone had asked me my opinion on natural makeup, I would have sneered at the possibility of effective products. Before beginning my job at 100% Pure, I was under the impression that natural cosmetics were overpriced and under preforming. When it comes to fashion and beauty (as you ladies may know), aesthetics have always been my #1 priority. That is, I have been much more concerned about the effectiveness of the product to make me look a certain way, than the ingredients used to produce it. Since I have started working at 100% Pure, I have been learning a huge amount about skin care and natural cosmetics. As opposed to viewing makeup as a transformation process, I am starting to look at it from the perspective of beauty enhancement- to be used in combination with a healthy skincare regimen and finish an already luminous face. Sound good?

Now, although enhancing a natural glow is much more subtle than a complete 180 degree transformation, effectiveness of the products is still top of the list in my book. Luckily for me, the majority of the 100% Pure products I have tried are both healthy for the skin, but also deliver in the aesthetic department. They have proven to be long lasting, pigmented, and provide the skin with a smooth and even texture. Lovely all around! Most exciting for me, is the ability to create a variety of subtle-to-dramatic eye looks that give me the same glam factor as I would get with some of the leading synthetic cosmetics I have used. Due to the sensitivity of the eye area, the more naturally I can do this, the better!

Eye Shadow Cream Sticks- 100% Pure

Pretty Naked Palette- 100% Pure

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A Whole New World- Natural Skin Care

Good Morning Beauties,
Happy Tuesday!

If you have been following me on Pinterest recently, you may know, that I have jumped on the skin
care train. It is clear how much I love beauty, vegetables, and fitness, but up until recently, I hadn't put much thought into my skin care routine aside from makeup aesthetic. Well, if you didn't think I could get more high-maintenance, guess what, I did and I'm loving it! Hello skin care, hello DIY, hello healthy makeup!

As you may know, if you have been keeping up with me "real word edition" ;) I recently landed a job at a natural makeup and skincare boutique. 100% Pure, has opened my eyes to a fabulous line of natural products, making me think twice about my skin care routine and expand my knowledge on ingredients, skin care properties available in the world of natural makeup, and of course a while new line of products to experiment with! Basically, I have struck gold, Corazón style. As you may be able to tell, I have been beauty binging ever since!

Friday, August 14, 2015

Blogging Light - Healthy Carrot Apple Breakfast Muffins

Hola señoritas,

How are you guys! Long time no talk. Clearly I am struggling to keep up with my blog here, but thought I better do an update before I completely fall off the face of the blogsphere. I am quickly discovering that working two jobs, trying to stay fit, and have a social life is overwhelming and I haven't managed to do anything extra recently. I promise I have been thinking about you ladies though, and meaning to write.

For a quick update about me, I am currently still working on my #summertoneitup challenge. I've been doing my best to stick with the program, but I have lost all hope in the Insta feed that was meant to accompany my journey. I apologize to those who are following. I have been keeping up with my goals though, and sticking to my sugar-free and clean eating, although there is little to zero social media evidence ;)

Most recently, I made the most delicious muffins that I just had to share with you guys. These are not only yummy but they are also healthy, full of fiber options for an on-the-go breakfast! I stole the recipe from my fellow blogger (found on pinterest) and tweaked it to my own taste. For those of you trying to stick to a healthy lifestyle but short on time, you will love these muffins. They are quick and easy to make, perfect for breakfast, and delicious as a snack with your afternoon coffee.  Enjoy!

New York, New York: Travel Diaries, Fitness Challenge Revamp, and Photos

Hey ladies,
How are you all doing! I have been MIA for the past few weeks (1 spent in NYC, and the other recovering from NYC)! Though I would just give you all a little recap of my trip and a fitness challenge update! I will keep in short and sweet.

This was my second trip to NYC (if you remember I went 2 summers ago as well and fell madly in love with the city). This time was a bit more low-key, I spent the majority of the time with friends in the city and trying to avoid the major tourist attractions and shop at the same time. It was semi- successful. As the fashionista that I am, I visited both Parsons and FIT, doing fashion school research, saw a design exhibit at the Met, browsed the garment district and was wildly disappointed by MOOD, and visited almost all of the Sephora's in Manhattan. A new beauty post is scheduled to document my latest Sephora discoveries!

Over all, I had a blast in NYC, although I was very overwhelmed this time around and not so sucked in by the glitz and glam as I had been before. I have to say though, the food in the city is stellar, but the prices are also completely unrealistic, so there are a few up sides and downsides. That being said, if you are planning on hitting up NYC anytime soon, Aladdin on Broadway is a must, you will learn to praise the Starbucks lords for creating bathrooms, free water, and Iced Coffee - or your drink of choice ;), and in my humble donut obsessed opinion, Dunkin' can be skipped but the Fro-Yo is a necessity. Don't judge me for my basic.

My mom and I discovered soon great finds while in New York. Nitty City for those crafty chicas has an amazing selection of yarn, the best buys in SoHo are from the street vendors, and for high-line is an incredible tourist attraction not to be missed, especially on a warm night in NYC!

Summer Fitness Challenge 2015 - Update #1:
If you all remember correctly a week before leaving for NYC I started a 8 week DIY summer fitness program. Sound familiar? I vowed to be fabulous and fit in New York and keep up my clean eating and even exercise. Guess how that went? Lol! Well as you might guess, that was just not realistic or fun so I took a break, and revamped the fitness challenge this weekend. Back at square one, but prepared to complete my goals. This time I am sticking with Karina and Katrina's 8 Week Bikini Series exercise routine (free on their blog) and eating as clean as I can, with a few cheat meals mixed in here and there. We will see how it goes. I chose not to purchase the nutrition plan, but am back in the gym and excited about it! I will continue with weekly updates and progress marks, but feel free to follow my journey @100dayzfresh on Instagram for more regular posts!

Anywho that's all for now,
Love and fitness, Corazón

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Sugar-free Livin' + Summer Fitness Challege

 Soundtrack: Sunday Morning- Maroon Five

Hey Beauties,

Happy Sunday! How are you guys doing?

Today I will be talking about fitness and my own fitness journey and the steps I am taking to create a fun, healthy, body positive, fit lifestyle! If you know me personally or even just from the Internet sphere, you probably am aware of my slight obsession with fitness and healthy living. I love fitness challenges and healthy food, so I wanted to share with you guys my 8 week fitness challenge and goals for it, as well as talk about my sugar-free lifestyle and the benefits I have found in cutting daily added sugars out of my diet! Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Summertime Fine

Hey dolls,

Happy hump day! If you have been following me for a while, you know how much I love summer. It is by far my favorite season. Summer is fabulous for many reasons (no school, mangoes, iced coffee to name a few) but mainly fashionably! The summer sun allows for tons of versatility outfit wise, but even more than that, the beauty products marked for summer are far superior to any other season. All though I wear bronzer year round, summer brings out the sparkle and smile in everyone and it shows in my Sephora shopping basket.  

Check out my past posts on last year's must have summer makeup, reviews, and my favorite bronzers.

I spent a spontaneous day Monday in downtown San Francisco literally hopping from one makeup counter to the next. By the end I was glitter covered and wearing enough perfume for at least ten people. Pretty successful I would say :) After all that exploring, I thought I would share a few of my top summer products with you all:

1) Estée Lauder Summer Collection: Available at Macy's

Estée Lauder Summer Collection
From the musky Bronze Goddess perfume to the perfect nudes pallet, I love everything about Estée Lauder's summer collection. They are also offering a cute gift packet from Macy's for a limited time! :)

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Weave Talk- Drawstring Ponytail Review

Hey Chicas, 

Happy Thursday! Like many fashion bloggers, I love to manipulate my appearance, but I don't always have a lot of time or patience. Do to this, I am always looking for ways to cut my beauty routine time down, but still come out with a fun and put together look! More glam, less time is what I'm going for.

Based on this, as we all know, hair styling can take quite a bit of time. Wither you are trying to juggle hot tools, braid maintenance, or trying to perfect an up-do, you can easily spend 20 minutes in front of the mirror!

Do to this, as well as my love for trying new things, I recently purchased a beautiful clip in ponytail from my local beauty supply store. I had been doing lots of research on clip-in extensions (because I am a fanatica!) and I discovered that human-hair clip ponytails were pretty hard to come by (and pricey) so I decided to go with the synthetic style that I could get close by. I ended up purchasing the a synthetic drawstring with combs, ponytail piece from Magic Touch Collections in Wavy. The item number is DSP-1533 and I bought it in color #2. Although I'm struggling to find the exact product online, here is a similar style from Beshe.

The drawstring ponytail itself! Isn't it pretty?!

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Back in Action!

Hey ladies!

It has been more than a while since I last posted (since November!!!) so there is quite a bit of catching up we need to do! First of all let me say Happy 2015! I hope the first part of this year has been nice for you all! I for one am glad summer is almost here, I need some R&R and some sun in my life!

To give you all a few little update about me for the past few months here goes!
The biggest update is that I graduated college at the beginning of this month (May 2015) so that was a HUGE accomplishment for me! I could not be happier to be finished. Senior year of college was bitter sweet and quite a bit of work, so that explains the majority of my absence for the blogsphere. Another mile stone for me, was finishing my senior thesis, written completely in Spanish to fulfill my Spanish major. I wrote about the Brazilian Fashion industry and the design identity that drives it, which gave me the opportunity to combine both my interest in Latin America and my passion for fashion! It was a lot of work, but it was also a very fulfilling experience. Other than school, I have spent the past few months working on my health and happiness. Yoga has become a huge part of my life (shout out to my amazing instructor Lisette @ The Yoga Unit in Claremont!) If you want a great fitness coach and experience she is the one and I highly recommend her classes! Do to this, yoga is going to become a new blog staple so hopefully you will start seeing yoga related fashion and fitness posts on featured regularly. Aside from that, I also had a bit of fun before graduating! My friends and I all went down to San Diego for a week to have one last fiesta before walking the stage. Let's just say, what happens in SD stays in SD! Since then, I have relocated back to the Bay Area and am in transition from college to the real world. Wish me luck!

Anyways, that's enough rambling for now! I'm glad to be back in the blogsphere as well as the Bay! Here are a few photos from the past few months!

The Ultimate Grad Selfie! #classof2015 (Lipstick- Fire Engine Red- Benefit)